Jogging With kids

I got the chance to have a morning jog with Laura and Rosie today. Laura likes to jog with a timed schedule (e.g. 5 min walking, 3 min jogging, etc.) and this is good for her. The only problem we had today was Rosie. Jogging with kids is a little bit difficult. I thought I would share some tricks that I learned from track club.

chubby bubbles

  1. Kids are extremely myopic. Especially when it comes to time. If you tell a kid that he needs to run for 5 minutes, it seems like forever to them. They just don’t have the experience and framework to deal with time. Instead, show them a visual goal to run to. Any sign, fencepost, house or car will do.
  2. Kids get bored in their heads even if their bodies are active. They may have 10x the energy that you do, but they have 0% drive to do something without gratification. Make the jog fun for them. Try singing a cadence (I don’t know but I’ve been told…) or a song while you jog with them. It’ll do your lungs and brain some good as well.
  3. Make it a fun activity. Have a race every now and then to break up the tempo and boredom. Add some jumps and zig-zags, they will love it.

Any of these tips will make your jogging experience more fun without a rugrat as well.



Hello Kitty not a cat, company says.

My word this is news to me. Has my world turned upside down? Are we in an alternate universe? Never mind, Japan never ceases to surprise me.

According to Sanrio, Hello Kitty is a human girl in a perpetual state of being a 3rd grader. I know this will come as a shock to some of you, breath deeply into a paper bag if needed.

Some other facts:

• She’s British.

• She is a Scorpio.

• She loves apple pie.

• She has a twin sister, and is a perpetual third-grader.

• Her actual name is Kitty White.

How will I explain this to Rosie?

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Girl kills gun instructor with an Uzi

A 9 year old girl was given full control over a fully automatic weapon. According the the news release she started firing and the recoil pushed the gun up over her head, killing the instructor in the process.

It appears that no one asked these questions:

  • Is she strong enough to handle the recoil?
  • Should children even handle a fully automatic weapon?
  • How adept is she with a gun in general?

The question that they did ask:

  • I’m here, what’s the worst that can happen?

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A little Led Zeppelin

My cousin Robbie recently bequeathed unto me a little piece of Led Zeppelin history.

2014-08-25 14.59.44


This pendant came from the May 4th 1973 show in Atlanta. I doubt it was official merchandise, but it’s something that I will treasure forever. I took it to a jeweler to replace the clasp ring on it with a soldered one so it will stay on a chain. I can tell you exactly where my cousin was 05/04/1973 at 8:00PM :)

Here’s some other cool stuff from that show.

And lastly, some reel footage from WSB-TV, Atlanta