Creepy Night

We slept with the windows open last night, it was cool and perfect. We dropped off like milk-fed babies and stayed that way; until 4:30.

I sprang up in bed, knowing something was wrong. I could hear a baby, like it was in my backyard. I sat on the edge of the bed trying to comprehend what I was hearing. It wasn’t distress or pain I was hearing, but it was definitely a baby. “Baa Ba Baaaa.” The dogs in the neighborhood started to respond with barking.

Laura stirred next to me and I asked her if she heard what I was hearing. It was strangely creepy. Another sound joined the cacophony of “Ba Baaaa ba baa” and “Woof woof.” From what sounded like the front of the house we heard “bawhoo  bawhoo.” I don’t think it was a dog. At least it did not sound like a dog.

The noises settled down all at once; Laura and I sat expecting it to start again. It never did. Eventually we settled back down and went to sleep in the arms of Morpheus once again. As I drifted off the shores of wakefulness I remembered our dog, Emma standing at the front door with her hackles raised and barking, which is so unlike her, just a few hours before.

I think we may watch too much horror in Oct.